The Best Homemade Pizza Dough

This homemade pizza dough recipe is perfect for beginners. You'll get a soft, fluffy, and chewy dough crust with it every time!


– 5 cups - organic all-purpose flour – 2 tbsp. – organic sugar – 1 tbsp. – dry active yeast – 1 tsp. – sea salt – 2 tbsp. – grass-fed salted butter (room temperature) – ½ cup – lukewarm organic whole milk – 1½ cups - lukewarm water



2 pizza dough

1 hour 35 minutes

Step 1

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until a soft dough forms. Knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic.

Step 2

Cover and let the dough rise in a warm place for about an hour. Punch down the dough and divide it into portions.

Step 3

Roll out the dough to the desired thickness and shape. Add your favorite toppings and bake in a preheated oven until golden brown.