Looking for a tasty, homemade granola recipe? This recipe is quick, easy, customizable, and inexpensive. Learn how you can make your own granola!

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The Best Granola


Prep Time: 10 Min

Cook Time: 25 Min


– 4 cups – organic rolled oats – ▢1 cup - almond slivers – ▢¼ cup – organic flax seeds – ▢½ cup – organic virgin coconut oil – ▢¼ cup – brown sugar – ▢½ cup – organic maple syrup – ▢1 tsp. – pure vanilla extract – ▢¼ tsp. – sea salt – ▢1.2 oz. – Freeze Dried Strawberries

Step 1

Start by preheating the oven to 325°F (163°C). In a large bowl, measure out rolled oats, almond slivers, and flax seeds. Set the bowl aside.

Step 2

 In a small bowl, combine coconut oil, brown sugar, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and salt. Place the bowl over a water bath or double boiler to melt and incorporate all the ingredients. Stir until well combined.

Step 3

Pour the liquefied syrup mixture into the large bowl with the dry ingredients. Stir everything together thoroughly to ensure the dry ingredients are coated evenly with the syrup.

Step 4

Transfer the mixture onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Spread it out into an even layer, ensuring there are no clumps.

Step 5

Bake the granola in the preheated oven for about 25 minutes, or until it turns golden brown. Once done, remove the pan from the oven and allow the granola to cool completely. This will allow it to crystalize and harden.

Step 6

After the granola has cooled, sprinkle freeze-dried strawberries on top. Break the clumpy granola into desired-sized pieces and mix it all together.

Step 7

Your homemade granola is now ready to be enjoyed! Store it in an airtight container to maintain its freshness.

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