Simple Tossed Salad Recipe (Quick, Easy, and Super Tasty!)

– Anonymous

I had this salad for the first time when we visited our friends. I liked it immediately. Salads made with cabbage tend to be my favorite.

This tossed salad recipe is so simple, it's all about shredding, chopping, and tossing veggies together!

Recipe Inspiration

How To Make A Simple Tossed Salad 


Wash the vegetables.

Pre-Preparation Tips

Next, dice the bologna, and then drain and rinse your canned corn.

Shred a small cabbage head and slice the cucumbers and green onions.



Mix all the ingredients together. Try to toss it with a spoon, making sure not to press hard so the cabbage won't start releasing its juice.


Now add in the mayonnaise. Carefully mix it, until it's all combined, and then add salt to taste.


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