These no bake peanut butter bars are super easy to make and require minimal ingredients from your pantry. Learn how to make this delicious snack easily at home.

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No Bake Peanut Butter Bars


Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 2 hrs


Peanut Butter Layer Ingredients – ▢4 oz. – unsalted butter melted – ▢2 cups – crushed Biscoff cookies (or cookies of your choice) – ▢½ cup – maple syrup – ▢½ tsp. – vanilla extract – ▢1 ½ cup – crunchy peanut (you may use creamy if you don’t like the nuts in the bars) – ▢Pinch of sea salt Chocolate Layer Ingredients – ▢7 oz. - chocolate bar – ▢1 tbsp. – peanut butter – ▢¼ cup – freshly brewed espresso

Step 1

– Line an 8-inch x 8-inch pan with parchment paper. – Mix crushed cookies, peanut butter, melted butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt in a medium bowl. – Press the mixture evenly into the prepared pan and refrigerate for 1 hour to firm.

Step 2

– Break or cut a chocolate bar into small chunks. – In a bowl, combine the chocolate chunks, freshly brewed espresso, and peanut butter. – Melt the mixture using a double boiler or microwave, stirring until smooth.

Step 3

– Spread the melted chocolate mixture over the chilled peanut butter layer in the pan. – Refrigerate the pan for a few hours until the bars are set.

Step 4

– Once firm, cut the bars into desired shapes. – Serve and enjoy your delicious no-bake peanut butter bars!

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