Ukrainian Herring Shuba Salad

This Ukrainian Herring Shuba Salad recipe has been passed down generations in my family and it's the most common way it's made in most Slavic households!


– 3 large – russet potatoes – ▢6 large – eggs – ▢2 extra-large - carrots – ▢2 extra-large - dark red beets – ▢1 cup – Homemade Mayonnaise – ▢½ of medium – organic yellow onion – ▢Salt and Pepper to taste – ▢1.5 lbs. – herring fish



12 servings

5 hrs 10 mins

Step 1

Boil and peel the beets, potatoes, and carrots. Let them cool to room temperature and then grate them separately.

Step 2

Finely chop the onions and pickles. Drain the liquid from the herring and remove the bones. Mash the herring with a fork or chop it into small pieces.

Step 3

Layer the salad in a deep dish in the following order: half of the grated potatoes, half of the chopped onions, half of the grated carrots, half of the chopped pickles, half of the mashed herring, and half of the grated beets.

Step 4

Repeat the layering process with the remaining ingredients in the same order.

Step 5

Mix the mayonnaise and sour cream in a separate bowl, and then spread it evenly over the top of the salad.

Step 6

Garnish the salad with chopped dill and serve cold. Enjoy!