Perfect Braised Cabbage Recipe (Classic Flavors Every Time!)

– Anonymous

This Braised Cabbage recipe is an incredibly easy one to make that features shredded green cabbage, along with some roasted beef!

t's an easy-to-make recipe with the perfect texture and a depth of flavor, thanks to the pantry staple ingredients we'll be using to make it.

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How To Make Perfect Braised Cabbage

Measure out all spices.

Pre-Preparation Tips

Mix the spices together.

Rinse all the vegetables


Soak meat in water for thorough cleaning and removal of blood (optional). Rinse well.



Next, grate carrots. Personally, I prefer using a Korean carrot grater.


Time to start braising! Place one layer of shredded cabbage on the bottom of a 10 quarts pot and then sprinkle some carrots over the cabbage.


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