Caesar salad wraps are a delicious and easy way to enjoy the classic flavors of Caesar salad in a convenient handheld form.

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Homemade Caesar Salad Wraps


Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 15 mins


Step 1

Heat each tortilla in a large skillet for 15 seconds on each side.

Step 2

Prepare the Caesar salad mixture as per your favorite Caesar salad recipe.

Step 3

Place a tortilla onto a serving platter using tongs. Spoon some of the prepared Caesar salad mixture onto one side of the tortilla. Roll up the tortilla halfway.

Step 4

Fold down the sides of the tortilla. Finish rolling towards the end to create a wrap. Spread homemade Caesar dressing along the edge of the tortilla wrap to seal it.

Step 5

Serve immediately or wrap the platter with plastic wrap if not serving immediately. The wraps can be refrigerated for up to 6 hours.

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