Garlic Parmesan Instant Pot Red Potatoes


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– 5 lbs. - potatoes (I used young homegrown red potatoes) – ½ cup – warm water – 1 tsp. – chicken bouillon paste – 1 cup – ranch (I used homemade ranch) – 1 tsp. – sea salt – ¼ tsp. – black ground pepper – 2 garlic cloves – grated – 1 cup – Parmesan cheese grated – ½ cup – chopped fresh parsley



12 servings

40 minutes

Step 1

Start by diluting chicken bouillon paste with warm water in a small glass bowl.

Step 2

Next, stir in ranch, then add salt, black pepper, and grated (or minced) garlic. Stir everything together once more and set aside until ready for use.

Step 3

Now scrape (or peel) and then rinse potatoes. Cut potatoes into small pieces, they should be about 1 inch in diameter. Place your chopped potatoes into a large glass bowl.

Step 4

Now pour the ranch mixture over potatoes, mix to coat all potatoes well, and transfer into the instant pot.

Step 5

Turn instant pot on, click on pressure cook cycle, set pressure to high and then set the cooking time for 15 minutes.

Step 6

Close instant pot with lid, turn the valve to “Sealing” and it will start heating automatically. This takes about 15 minutes and the light will say “ON”. Then the instant pot will beep when heated and a 15-minute cooking time will start.

Step 7

While the potatoes are cooking shred the cheese. Cover with plastic wrap to prevent from drying out, and set aside until ready for use.

Step 8

Rinse and chop fresh parsley. Cover it with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready for use to preserve freshness.

Step 9

After the potatoes are done cooking the timer will beep. Using kitchen gloves turn the valve to “Venting”. Do not lean over the instant pot or the coming out steam will burn your face.

Step 10

After the steam is released, open the lid, turn the instant pot off, and serve right away.

Step 11

If you're not ready to serve the potatoes right after it's done cooking, simply keep the lid closed, and set the cycle to “keep warm” until ready to serve.

Step 12

When ready to serve, add your parmesan cheese and chopped parsley before serving. Your delicious Instant Pot Red Potatoes are ready to be served!

How to Store

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Cooked potatoes can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 or 4 days.


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