Delicious Pom-Pom Cookies Recipe

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These Pom-Pom Cookies Recipe is traditionally known as “Hvorost” in Russian or “Hrustiki” in Ukraine. They are not only easy and delicious but also make a gorgeous dessert décor! There is plenty to celebrate in the near future.

“Let's celebrate!” than party pom-poms? They make a perfect dessert for just about any occasion: holiday, birthday party, wedding, baby, or bridal shower.

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How To Make Delicious  Pom-Pom Cookies

Pre-Preparation Tips

Fill ¼ (2 inches or 5 cm) medium pot with olive oil.

Cast Iron Pan

Measure out and sift dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, and salt into a medium bowl.



Beat eggs in a separate small bowl with a hand mixer on low for a minute or just until egg yolks combined with whites. Stir in vanilla extract.


Add eggs to the flour mixture and mix together with a silicon spatula. Dust work surface with flour and transfer the dough.


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